Best Free Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Best Free Healthy Meal Planning Apps : Meal Planning is something that most of the people don’t care about. The main reason for this is that they just think that there is enough meal for the whole week. But, Meal Planning can surely make you eat a good and healthier food. So, through a proper […]

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps : Do you know that Smartphone can help you to track your fitness and health? Yes, you heard right Smartphone has a super power of tracking your heart rate and plus rate by using some of the best heart rate monitor app available on the android play store and apple […]

Best Free Map My Run App

map my run

You’ve got a fat tummy an want to make it ‘flat’. So, what will you do? Of course there are a lot of methods of reducing your tummy but what if you don’t want to join gym and do those heavy exercises? Well, the most simple way of doing this will be ‘Running’ and a […]

Top 5 Best Exercise Apps

Exercise is the most important part of the life if you want to stay in shape, then exercise or workout is the best activity to do in free time.  Everyone knows that Android is the most popular operating system, and 68% of the mobile devices used by users is Android so you can think how […]

Best Health Apps for Free

The world is shrinking because the technology has brought us very, very close. Today, you will see every person ( especially youth) with a mobile phone in his/her hand at any place. There was a time when people actually talked with each other as compared to today where the only way of talking now is […]

Best Calorie Counter Apps

Do You Know – Wordwide about 2.8M People die every year due to overweight! Overweight isn’t a normal thing. In Fact it is the root of a lot of dangerous diseases. So, what to do to reduce your un-necessary weight and get that flat and fat-free body again? If you ask someone, he will suggest […]

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