Exercise and workout play a vital role in our health and fitness. So if you daily go to the gym for the workout, you may have a personal trainer to train you how to do any particular workout or exercise if you don’t have one then it’s ok because there are many mobile apps available in the play store market which can train you without any trainer. Mobile apps play important roles in our life. They help us in a lot of ways in our daily.

Many fitness and exercise related app available in the market and if you are confused about which is the best exercise app then here we have listed some of the best apps which you must try.

So if you are interested in adding a few more apps to your mobile related to exercise, then you can choose any app from the below list.

  1. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout: Given exercises in the app are designed by the professional which is surely going to help you in maintaining your fitness. This app helps you to improve your health and fitness within 30 days if you work on given exercises rules in the app.

All the exercise given in the app has a video tutorial on how to do any particular workout, and it records your training process automatically in its database.

30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

Three different body parts exercise available in the app. abs, full body, and buts. This app will train your full body within 30days from zero to hero.

The best feature of “30-day fit challenge workout” app is that it daily reminds the user about workout which ensures daily routine exercise to the user.

You can download 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout App from the Android play store market free of cost.

  1. 7 Minute Workout: As the app name clearly shows that you only have to do exercise for 7 minutes, and this app will take care of your fitness. For every exercise available in this app has a voice guide which will tell you how to do any particular workout. This exercise app has a feature of rest time which ensures you don’t take too long or too short rest. You can adjust the rest time according to you which suits you.

This app is made for both men and women. UI of the app is beautiful which motivates you about the workout.

7 Minute Workout

The best part of this “7 Minute Workout” is its given description of any exercise which is written in a very good manner.

You can download 7-minute Workout app from the Android Play store market free of cost

  1. Fitness and BodyBuilding: This app is specially made to help in achieving your health and fitness goal in a proper way. Exercise database of this app frequently changes to the best one which works for the user in an effective manner.

This app can save your fitness data like weight height and calculate BMI.With the help of previous and new user data, this app shows the changes in the body like gain or loss of any muscle. Workout images and videos are available in the app with a proper description of any particular workout.

Fitness and BodyBuilding - Best Exercise Apps for Free

Best Exercise Apps for Free

The best part of Fitness and Bodybuilding mobile app is that it shows a list of very effective exercise for any particular muscle group in a different section of the app.

You can download Fitness and Bodybuilding app free of cost from the Android play store market. . Female fitness app is also available from the makers of this app which is specially made for women.

Conclusion: All the three apps which we mention are the top one from their market, but the best app among all three apps is the Fitness and Body Building app. We are not saying that other apps are bad or not good. Other two apps are also good but according to features list, Fitness and bodybuilding app tops the list. The reason for choosing fitness and bodybuilding app is it shows a list of very effective workout which helps to gain some muscle and to become fit and healthy. Rest is your choice you can test all of the above apps and comment below which one you liked the most and why.