Best Fitness Apps For BlackBerry

Best Fitness Apps for Blackberry : Android and iOS are the two most popular Operating Systems. But, this doesn’t mean Blackberry, Windows Phone etc  have no value. There are a lot of people that use Blackberry devices and hence all the helpful apps that are available for Android and iOS must be there for Blackberry also! Health and fitness are now in your own hand. Your Smartphone! Yes, your smartphone can be the key for your fitness just by using some apps. The Play Store and the Apple’s App Store are full fledged with hundreds and thousands of health and fitness apps but there are not many for Blackberry OS.

But if you are a Blackberry user then you don’t need to worry. Every problem has a solution and well this one has too. There might not be many apps for Blackberry but one thing is true for sure. Less apps mean more easy it is to filter out the best ones. Ans well, this is what we have done in this article.  😀

There are still a lot of users that have Blackberry smartphones and hence they should get all the must-have apps that Android and iOS have. So, in this article, our main focus is on the ‘Fitness’ and hence we will be sharing the 5 Best Fitness Apps for Blackberry ! So, after you finish reading this article, make sure to try each app so that you can easily decide yourself which app is best for you because different people have different opinions 😀

So, without any further delay, let us begin with the list of the Top 5 Fitness Apps For Blackberry.


It is the best Fitness App for Blackberry OS. The good thing is that, this app is the native Balckberry 10 App so there are no issues of lags. The app runs smooth for sure. Likewise other fitness apps, this too, is a fitness tracking app which tracks everything including hikes, jogs or even bike rides! This app also comes with its own lockscreen so that you can use it to track your status directly via the Lockscreen without opening the phone. There are two versions of this app – FREE and PRO. The PRO version will give you a couple of extra features like audio feedback, heart rate monitoring and some map features. The PRO version costs around $4.99. Unfortunately, there is no option for syncing in this app which is a major con of this app. Anyways, the rest of the features are very useful and you must give it a try

cascarun app - Best Fitness Apps For BlackBerry

Best Fitness Apps For BlackBerry


This App has till now received more than 20M downloads and well, no doubt the features are just mind-blowing. This is also a tracking application but it is different from the rest due to its easy and simple interface + ton of features. In fact, there is no app that can actually beat Endomondo in terms of features. There are two versions of this app also. The Free one comes with features like voice feedback for every milestone you cover and also this app has syncing feature by which you can very easily view the statistics from the official Endomondo Website. The other features include calories stats, goals and maps. The Free versions has all the features but it comes with ads. So, in case you want to remove those ads, the PRO version is for you



Sportrate is also a GPS tracking app for Blackberry OS. The app is very popular among users. There are a lot of advanced features in this app and this app was made for an easy experience and a lot of features. The UI of this app is very, very simple and minimal. Also, likewise the other fitness apps, it will cost you some few dollars in case you want to get the PRO version.  There are plenty of activities to do with this app and also you can choose the type of training you want to do with this app. Offline Charts is the new feature added to this app that shows you the progrss of every activity you are doing. Believe me, It is worth trying

sportrate app


Well, the name suggests that this app is for runners. But, it also does some other works also. This app helps you to communicate with the Runtastic community via the official website. So, this is helpful because you will get coaching, tips ad much more through professionals. The built in GPS feature monitors the exercise process and also there is the Map feature also. You will find graphs also which display all the important statistics. In case you want more features, you can go for the PRO version also that will cost you around $4.99. Voice feedback, live tracking, calories details, auto pause, sharing etc are the features you will get with this app 🙂



This app is specifically for those who want to lose weight and actually are serious about it. The app comes with over 300 muscle exercises and these are actually grouped into different categories. Unfortunately, you can unlock only the ‘abs’ category and if you want to unlock any other part then you have to pay some few bucks. So, this app isn’t for everyone because you have to pay a good amount of money for all the categories to get unlocked.


Anyways, these were the 5 Best Fitness Apps for Blackberry OS. So, Hi5 blackberry users and let us know your opinions via comments section 🙂


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