Best Fitness Tracker Apps

Best Fitness Tracker Apps : If you daily go to the gym and do some workout with big machines and heavy weight that will surely make you fit but if you are not tracking your workout or not tracking your fitness then how can you say you are gaining or losing fitness. So tracking fitness is the best way to know about your body that which workout works and which not.

If you have an android or ios mobile, then you can track your fitness by downloading some of the best fitness tracking apps. We are not saying that these apps are accurate, but if any app is available in app store market then surely it will help in some way. You can get an idea of your fitness by tracking with these apps.

If you are interested in adding a few more apps to your mobile related to fitness tracking then here we listed some of the best apps.

Best Fitness Tracker Apps

  1. Progression – Fitness Tracker: well the name of this app clearly shows you that this is going to help you a lot in tracking your fitness. Progression – fitness tracker app work as simple as 123.just pick one of the program from the list to follow or you can build your customized plan to work and this app will help you track your every step to that program.

Progression - Fitness Tracker

You can track weight lifts and many workouts in it. You just have to type “complete workout” and this app will show you the history of last workout activity.

The best part of this mobile app is that rest timer feature available in it. It ensures you that don’t take rest too short or long between the sets.

You can download Progression – Fitness Tracker app from the play store free of cost. You can also try paid version of the app too which is available for Rs.320 only.

2. Map My Fitness Workout Trainer: This app has 600+ workout activities available in the app to do. You can track your log activity in it. Gear Tracker feature of this app is awesome just wear your shoes and go to running it will track footsteps and will tell you when and why you need a new pair. Many challenges of workout available in the app for you which helps the user to get a perfect result.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

App works on GPS, which ensures you that the tracking will be accurate after your workout (be it running, cycling, workout or any other).

The best part of this app is that you can sync your data with other popular apps like Google Fit or My Fitness Pal. This app works as a personal trainer.

You can download Map My Fitness Workout Trainer app free of cost from the Android play store.

3. Pedometer & Fitness Tracker: This app tracks your footsteps all day 24*7. This app comes with many tracking features which help the user to track their fitness. Calorie counter feature of this app tracks that how much calorie you consumed last day or today. Weight tracker helps the user to track their weight gain or loss within any particular period.

Pedometer & Fitness Tracker

Some of the best features of this app are a fitness tracker, route tracker, heart rate monitor and the place monitor which tells the user where you visited.

The best part of this mobile app is its feature sleep tracker. Yes, sleep tracker tracks that how long you slept last night and it pretty features is that when we woke up, it gave us a good morning greeting.You can download Pedometer & Fitness Tracker app from the Android Play store free of cost.


Conclusion: Among the above three apps the best app which we liked is the “Pedometer & Fitness Tracker. We are not saying that other apps are not good, but pedometer & fitness tracker works in a different way with its features. Reasons to choose “pedometer & fitness tracker” is its features like route tracker, sleep tracker, fitness tracker and the best one heart rate monitor which help to track your heart beat rate in an effective way. So you can give a try to all the three apps and comment below which one you liked.

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