We have heard that health is wealth which means all other resources are not as useful as health because our body is not healthy then what’s the benefit of money and all other things. So it’s our responsibility to take care of health and fitness by working out at the gym or home for one or two hours. Well, you don’t need a personal trainer to be fit if you can do hard work and have some guts and a Smartphone. Owning a Smartphone will not make you fit, but available apps can make you healthy if you have guts. Yes, nowadays so many apps available in the mobile play store or app store market which helps us to be fit and healthy.

With the help of these apps you can maintain yourself fit and healthy, if you are interested in adding a few more apps to your mobile for fitness and health then here is the list of best fitness apps for mobile which will help you to be fit and healthy. These apps will also help you to note down changes over a day to days and weeks to weeks.

  1. MyfitnessPal: with the help of this app you can exercise within 5 minutes which is quick and easy to maintain your fitness. It has more than 300 exercises to do, and each exercise shows how many calories you burned in the last exercise according to person’s weight, height and body type. The food database of this app helps you to track your calorie and weight.

MyfitnessPal app

The best part of this app is that it is community-based where you can share your results and get to know about what works for other peoples around the world.

You can download my fitness pal calorie counter from play store free of cost.

  1. Fitbits: this app helps a lot to maintain you fit and healthy. You can create your daily goals and track the progress of your goals; this app will help you to achieve your goals. Fitbit tracks your footsteps with the help of GPS and gives you information about your activity log.Log food section of the app will help you to track your food and to know how many calories you consumed today.

Fitbits app

This app needs a hardware device Fitbit Surge to work on a smartphone. Well, this hardware device tracks your heartbeat all time and will give you track on it.


The best part of this app is that you can challenge your friends and compete with them.

You can download the Fitbit’s app from play store free of cost.


  1. Pedometer and weight loss coach: It tracks your footsteps, and the best part is that you don’t need any hardware device as long as you have a mobile device. After a walk, you can track how many calories you have burnt during that last activity. With the help of this app, many users already got awesome results that they lost 20lbs of weight from their body so according to us this app is best to maintain fitness.

Pedometer and weight loss coach app

The best part of this app is that you can calculate your BMI and weight in it and note the changes from the last check.The fun part of this app is that you can create a walking group with your friends and family members and can track who walked more and burnt more calorie. It also records how much time you took to complete any challenge or walking activity.

You can download “pedometer and weight loss coach “app from play store free of cost.

Conclusion: If you have guts to complete any challenge, and you want to maintain your body fit and healthy then any app from the play store market can help you to achieve your goals but still among the above three apps the best app is a My fitness-pal calorie counter. Reasons for choosing it as best is that this app doesn’t need any hardware like Fitbit’s and pedometer also use data of my fitness pal. So we recommend you my fitness pal, Rest is your choice. We are not saying that other two apps are not good if we listed these apps here then, of course, they worth it but my fitness plan calorie counter stand out of them.