Best Free Healthy Meal Planning Apps : Meal Planning is something that most of the people don’t care about. The main reason for this is that they just think that there is enough meal for the whole week. But, Meal Planning can surely make you eat a good and healthier food. So, through a proper Mean Planning, you don’t need to go to grocery shop after couple of days. And Well, this actually saves a lot of time. So, how should you plan your meal? The most simple answer would be ‘pen and paper’. Well, do you think writing lists of new recepies every day or week is an easy job? Obviously it isn’t . .!

Your smartphone is an all around gadget. With it you can actually do a lot of things in minutes that actually take hours if done manually. The smartphone makes everything automated! So, in this article also, we will be talking about the Top 5  Best Meal Planning Apps that you can or I will say, you must try. The apps will help you keep an integrated mean plan, grocery list, inventory and recipe list, which is actually very useful.

So, let us jump straight into the list

Meal Planning Apps



Probably one of the ‘best’ Meal Planning Apps is the MealPlan.  The most awesome thing about this app is that, it has a very clean and easy interface . This makes the app easy to use for the Beginners. With this app, you can add recipes into the home screen. Then list all the necessary grocery and well thats it.Then you can easily print the whole list! The App is available only for iOS.( Sorry Android users!). The app isn’t free and you have to pay a very small amount of $3.99.

  1. YUMMLY –

So, no need to wait ‘android users’  as here we have an absolutely free app for Android and ofcourse for iOS. The app is very famours because of the recipes that can be easily found using it. In fact this app has a database housing more than a million recipes! Woah! That is huge.  So, this app comes very handy if you want to try out some new recipes. Heya Chefs, this is for you! After you will choose any recipe, the app will automatically filter all the necessary ingredients needed and then you can also export them to Instacart. If you don’t know, Instacart is grocery-delivery system which is totally smartphone-based. As mentioned before,the app is totally free and available for both iOS and Android


This app is actually an all around app if you want to learn new recipes, plan meal and of course eat a healthier food. Every week, you will automatically get four new recipes with ingredients needed, grocery list and the good thing is that, all the stuff is printable. The app gives very easy to learn experience and in case you’re going to make anything new, it will provide step-by-tep instructions also. Now, coming to the pricing, the app isn’t totally free. You will get three sample plan for free but then you have to pay $6 per month if you pay by the year or $8 per month if you pay by the month.


Before talking about this app, I will say that the name is sweet ( Savage!). The app will help you seamlessly manage all your recipes, grocery and all the stuff. And good thing is that, this app is available totally free for iOS as well as for Android. This is also one of the best meal planning apps and actually been made for Multi-Course Masters. Also ,this app cones with a timer using which you will be able to cook multiple dishes. You can also add you own made recipes and then print the whole detail of that particular recipe!


About 1M+ downloads on Google Play Store this app deserves to be in this list. The app houses thousands of popular recipes that you can try. And one of the awesome features of this app is that, new recipes are added to this app every month. Not just recipes, this app comes with video tutorials also using which you can easily learn how to make any particular dish. You can also search for your favourite Chefs so that you can see their video tutorials on making any particular dish. And Yes, this app is available for free for both iOS and Android

So, here the list ends. But, if you think any app should make into this list and we haven’t mentioned it then feel free to comment down below in the comments section (Meal Planning Apps)