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So, you decided to go to the gym and lift some weight and get an impressive and solid body but wait do you have any personal trainer or do you know anything about weight lifting? I mean how much weight to lift is good and how to lift the weight.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp – I know these apps are available on your phone which helps you to socialize but do you have any app which improves your health. Yes, Google play store is the largest store for Android apps, and here you can also get apps related to fitness and gym which tells the user how to do any particular exercise.

With the help of these apps, you can maintain your fitness without any trainer for the gym. So, if you want to install a few apps related to health and fitness then here is the list of apps to consider.

  1. FitProSport: Well I personally use this app for my workout. This app provides 100+ practical exercises for men and women. Everyone needs a workout plan that on this day I will do chest exercise, or I will do back exercise.


So, now you don’t need to memorize your workout plan because in this app a section is given to writing about your workout program.  This app categorized all the exercise into different body parts so you can do any exercise. The best part of FitproSport app is that exercises which you see in the app have a proper description and animation which helps you in a better workout.

You can download the free version of FitProSport app from play store which is ad supportive and paid version also available if you want a serious fitness app.

  1. Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts: This app is pretty similar to fit pro sport, but few more features are added in this app. If you regularly go to the gym and do a bunch of workout on random machines and not getting results, then this app can help you to get some good results within two months. You can feel the change!

Total Fitness - Gym & Workout

Some of the best features of this app are that you can challenge yourself with this app. In the app, you will get a workout plan, and you have to do those exercises to complete the challenge. Sounds cool? More features like you can calculate how much calories you need to be healthy and to survive in various specific circumstances. In this app also shown that what bulking diet you need to gain muscle after or before the workout.

This app is also available in free and paid versions you can choose any.

  1. Gym Workout Trainer & Tracker: New to weightlifting or bodybuilding then this app can help you to go straight from beginner to pro within a couple of months. This app acts as a personal trainer. In this app, every exercise is designed by experts who divided in beginner and pro workout routine.

Gym Workout Trainer & Tracker

You can choose your workout routine from the app. Every exercise in the app is done for all levels of the bodybuilder. For example different exercise for beginner and intermediate levels

If you loved any of the exercises in the app, then you can save that exercises as the favourite. Even you can modify the pre-built workout plan to your modified one.

The best part of this app which I liked is that it also shows you the video of an exercise that how you can do that exercise in real-time.

You can download this app from play store for free of cost.


Well, all the apps we listed here are the best one and final part of the article came which will decide which is the best app for the workout at the gym.  So, According to us Gym Workout Trainer & Tracker is the best app for the workout at gym among above three apps. Top reasons to choose this app is that all the exercises show in the app are designed by experts for different levels, and one more reason is that this app also provides video of the exercise.  We are not saying that other apps are not good but according to features Gym workout trainer apps is the best gym app.

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