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The world is shrinking because the technology has brought us very, very close. Today, you will see every person ( especially youth) with a mobile phone in his/her hand at any place. There was a time when people actually talked with each other as compared to today where the only way of talking now is social media. Well, Sometimes we should just keep our phones aside and chill out in the real world. ( INSPIRATIONAL!)

But, this doesn’t mean that your smartphone is useless. In fact, if you know how to properly use it, then it is like a magic wand! Apps, something without which a smartphone is nothing. There are millions and millions of apps made for different purposes. And well, we will be talking about one of the purposes here – HEALTH! If you keep using your smartphone the whole day, it can have some bad effects with your health. But again, your smartphone is the solution for this! As mentioned before, the App/Play Store is fledged with millions and millions of apps and here in this article, we will help you choose the 5 Best Health Apps. So, without any more this and that lets begin with the list 😀

Also, there are some fitnes tracking apps also which are great if you want to track everything that includes calories burnt, distance travelled, pace etc. Also, with the Health and fitness apps, you will be able to keep in touch with a trainer or nutritionist. This will help a lot for sure 🙂 Anyways, let us begin!1


  1. C25K (COUCH TO 5K)-


What if you want to start running but unfortunately cannot decide when to start? Well, Couch to 5K is one of the best Health apps that gives an eight-week program for the user. This 2-month program will instruct you everything you need to do everyday to stay fit and fine. The User interface of this app is amazingly simple and intuitive. This app is easy to learn and it will take you some minutes to perfectly learn all features of this app! If you’re a first time runner, then this app is for you.  The C25K app is available for free on both Play Store as well as on App Store but there is a ‘Pro’ version also which includes tracking calories and distance for every workout! The app comes with a ton of features and you must try it 😀


Sworkit app

With more than 14M downloads, this app surely deserves to be in this list. Sworkit comes with a very simple and easy to use interface Also, you can customize and play Personalize Video Workouts. There are different types of options including Yoga, Stretching, Cardio etc. A recent study has ranked the Sworkit app #1 in fitness apps category. This is the only app in this list that is absolutely free and you don’t need to upgrade for more features. The features are amazing and you wi surely love this app. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android 😀


Zombies run app

This is actually the most interesting Fitness app or you can say a game. A game in which you run but not on phone. You run in reality and well a lot of running automatically helps you get a better body and good stamina. So, how the app works? Actually, all you need to do id turn this game on and put the headphones in your ears. After some seconds, you will start hearing sounds of Zombies!  So, to stay safe, you will have to RUN!! And well, this is how this app (game) helps. It is really interesting and you will love this app. So, it is worth trying 🙂 It is available for absolutely free on both iOS as well as Android but there is a free version also which includes 200+ story missions, interval training and Airdrop Mode. The pro vesion is available for $2.99/mo or $19.99/mo.

  1. FITNET-


If you are a person who doesn’t want to go to gym and try out those hard exercises then this app is specially made for you! The apps comes with 180+ free fitness videos with webcam scoring. Everyday, new workouts are posted. The app uses your camera as a powerful biometric sensor to provide you real time feedback while you exercise! There is Quick 5-minutes workout also if in case you are busy in your work 😀


blogilates app

There will be hardly any person that doesn’t know about Popular Youtube sensation, the fitness Star Cassey Ho. You will find a lot of fitness related videos by her on YouTube and guess what! You can now see all those videos and get fitness tips from Cassey directly through the official app. You will fid helpfl fitness videos, healthy recipes and also you can talk to other users that are using this app. There is a monthly workout calender that includes every single workout you need to do per day. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android. There is a paid version also for which you need to spend just $0.99 and it will provide you seret video every month that you can download and keep in your phone.

Well, these were the 5 Best Health Apps that you should try. You liked the list or not? Let us know via comment section 🙂

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