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We all know that how important the exercise is. To stay healthy and in the shape, we have to do proper exercise in a right way. Everyone knows that running is the best exercise which helps us to stay fit and healthy, but if you are not running in a proper way, then you are not doing justice to your health and body.

If you have a Smartphone then here is good news for you that there are many mobile apps related to fitness and running available in the app store and play store market which will surely help you in running in a proper way to stay in shape. But as the play store market is crowded with many apps so finding the best one is also a difficult task but don’t worry we have handpicked some of the best running apps for you.

If you are interested in adding a few more apps related to running exercise then below is the list of top apps which helps people in an effective way.

  1. Run Keeper: Run keeper is the best app for runners who want to track their every footstep. This app works with the help of GPS, which ensures the accurate result for your tracking. You can calculate your running pace, cycling speed and route distance or any other workout activity you do.

Run Keeper app

Run keeper app has a pre-built route plan to help you run in the safer area and in the best way. If you want to customize the pre-built plan, then you can do that too. You can train yourself for 10 Km, half marathon or full marathon with its pre-built plan.

There are many features available in the app like pre-planned workout plan and pre-planned route, but the best feature of Run Keeper app is that you will get an audio update about your route distance, calorie consumed and lots more from the app automatically.

You can download the Run Keeper app from the Android play store market free of cost.

  1. Runtastic Running & Fitness: You can track everything related to your fitness in this app like distance, time, calorie burned and lots more. This app works in real time which means you will get all the updates about your body in real time like how many calories you burnt last minute.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

You can set your yearly running goal in the app which you can challenge your last year running goal this time to perform better result. Its running leader board helps you to be number 1 from the list of members who are already running and tracking their distance with this app.also you can challenge other members of the leader board.

The best part of Runtastic Running & Fitness mobile app is that you can receive greetings or cheers from your friends and family on your next GPS running activity.

You can download Runtastic Running & Fitness mobile app from the android play store market free of cost.

  1. Zombies, Run!: Running is the boring activity for many peoples. We know that a person only runs when someone chases them with a knife. Isn’t it? Then this app can help that type of peoples. This app is filled with many fun and interesting adventures in it.

Zombies, Run!

This app provides a story, in which you will be a hero, and someone is chasing you with a weapon to kill you then you have to run for saving yourself. You will be on a mission to save yourself.

The best part of this app is that you can do two things with one app. First is that you can enjoy the adventure and second are that you can stay in shape.

You can download Zombies, Run Mobile app from the Android play store market free of cost.

Conclusion: Among the all the three apps the best app which we recommend is the Runtastic running and fitness app. We are not saying that other is not useful apps. Zombies also run a good app to be adventures. The reason for choosing the Runtastic running and fitness is that you can get greetings and cheers messages from your loved ones. Rest is your choice try any app and comment below which app you liked the most.


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