Losing weight is one of the aims of many people’s because who not want to be fit and healthy in their life? Everyone wants but everyone is looking for how to lose weight easily, but they don’t know that losing weight or fat is not easy as they think because it takes time, hard work and guts to complete anything which is not easy. Well if you have an android mobile then you can use some of the best weight loss apps listed here to lose weight and to become fit and healthy.

These apps act as a personal trainer to lose some bulky fat from your body. Well if you are looking for some best apps to lose weight then you are at right place here we will discuss which app can help you to lose your weight from the body

  1.  Lose It: The name of this app clearly shows that it is going to be the best app for losing some weight. Lose It is the most popular weight lose app in the android play store market. Lose it app has a large database of foods with low calories which helps you to achieve your weight loss goals easily. This app has a customized plan for weight loss which fits you and your body.

Loseit App

You can set your weight loss, blood pressure, exercise goals in the app and this app will help you to achieve your goals with its customized plan. This app has an easy to use tracking tool which helps you to track your progress.

The best feature of this app which we liked is that if you are eating something from your local store then just scan the bar code of the packet in the app, and it will show you ingredients used in that food.

You can download Lose It app free of cost from the play store and apple app store.

  1. 7 Minutes workout weight loss:  This is the high-intensity training app which helps in losing weight and burning some fat from the body. Scientific research shows that a 7-minute workout is enough to maintain your body fit and healthy so the name of this app shows that after downloading this you only have to do exercise for 7 minutes workout plan which will help you to lose weight.

7 Minutes workout weight loss

In this app, you can challenge yourself, and this app will take care of your challenge to achieve your goals. The best part of this app is that it shows you a proper diet to lose weight. It also has a reminder functions which helps to remind you that it’s workout time and time to lose some fat. You can track your goals within the app.

The best part of this app is that it acts as a virtual coach who will help you to do any exercise perfectly and smoothly.

You can download 7 Minutes Workout –Weight loss app from play store free of cost.

  1. My Diet Coach: With the help of this app many people’s achieved their goals and lost the high amount of weight. This app is easy to use just set your goal and track the progress. This app also reminds you that what the important thing to do to lose weight is.
My Diet Coach - Best Weight Loss Apps

Best Weight Loss Apps

The best part of this app is that you can take daily challenges programs to improve your fitness and burn some fat. This app helps you to get rid of unhealthy food with its diet plan.

You can download My Diet Coach app from the play store free of cost.

Conclusion:  If you are not doing hard work and not able to maintain the diet plan then there is no app available on play store which can help you to weight loss. You need guts to lose weight if you have guts then any app can help you to burn your fat and to lose weight. Well among the above three apps the best app for weight loss is the Lose It. The reason for choosing the Lose its app is that it has a customized plan for every person who wants to lose weight. Just set your goal and choose a plan to rest the app will help you track your progress.