Best Workout Apps For Android,Ios,Windows,Black Berry

Best Workout Apps For Android,Ios,Windows,Black Berry : Health and fitness are the major issues for many peoples. If you daily go to the gym and looking for some best workout app then today we are sharing the best workout app.  We know that Android is the most popular operating system. And day by day thousands of apps added to Android play store so in the crowded market finding the best app is the difficult task but don’t worry here we listed some of the best workout apps for Android, which you must try. So, without wasting any time let’s start the list of best workout apps.

Best Workout Apps

Best Workout Apps

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  1. Squats Workout: This app acts as a personal trainer which means you don’t need any personal trainer for the gym as far as your android mobile is with you. With the help of squats workout, you not only need to count how many squats you do in particular time, but it also shows you how many calories you burnt after doing that particular exercise.


You will find two types of the mode in the app one is freestyle, and another one is training mode which helps the user in gaining the best result he wants.

You can download squats workout app from the android play store market free of cost.

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  1. FitStar Personal Trainer: Fitstar personal trainer is another best workout app from the fitStar developers.


HD videos of exercise or workout available in the app help the user to guide step by step exercise which ensures you not to do any exercise in a wrong way. Every month developers add a new handmade session of workout routines like 7-minute workout or 10-minute abs workout which helps the user to gain muscle in less time.


You can download FitStar Personal Trainer app free of cost from the Android play store market.

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  1. 7min Full Workout: In this app, you will find 12 exercise which you can do within 7 minutes. This app ensures you that you do only important exercise in less time.


These 12 exercises are added in the app after a lot of research from experts. If you want to adjust the duration of exercise or workout, then you can do that too without any problem.  If you want to see the previous workouts you did, then you can check that with its log database.

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You can download 7min Full Workout app from the android play store market free of cost.

  1. Workout Trainer: Fitness coach: you can get in the best shape with the help of exercises available in the app. Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach app has a large database of pre-built workout routines on which you can work out, or if you want to customize that workout routine then you can do that too.


An online community of trainers helps the users in real time; you can ask anything to the professional trainers.

If you want to download this app, then you can download Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach app from the play store market.

  1. 30 Day Fit Challenges Workout: You can train yourself within 30 days with its 30-day workout challenge. In total, there are 24 challenges which you can follow to achieve your best result or to achieve your fitness aim. This app has a feature by which you can track your progress, and also you can share your results with the friends via facebook, twitter or email.


If you want to download this app, then you can download 30-day fit challenge workout app from the android play store market free of cost.


Conclusion:  so, here comes the end of the article where we have to choose the best app among the above-listed workout apps. According to us the best workout app which is the best and number one in the list is 30 Day Fit Challenges Workout. We are not saying that other apps are not good; they are good after all they are runner up of this best workout apps list. Reasons to choose 30-day fit challenges workout app as number one is that it ensures the user best workout exercises and ensures you to give the best possible result in 30 days. If you want to try you can try all apps but after trying please comment below which app is best according to you.


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