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You’ve got a fat tummy an want to make it ‘flat’. So, what will you do?

Of course there are a lot of methods of reducing your tummy but what if you don’t want to join gym and do those heavy exercises? Well, the most simple way of doing this will be ‘Running’ and a lot of running. ( I mean a hell lot of running!). Got it? Also, if you’re are a runner or an athlete then running can help you develop your body and improve your stamina.

map my run

So, you started running and at the end of the day, you want to know how much you ran? What was your average pace? You will probably think does that matters! Of Course it does. Knowing all these will help you improve your running and at the end, it will improve your stamina. There are a hell lot of fitness trackers available in the market. But, what if you can make your smartphone as a fitness tracker? Sounds awesome, Isn’t it? You don’t have to buy those pricey little fitness trackers when you can do the same job with your smartphone!

So, brace yourself because here we have an awesome fitnes tracker app for you. And Yes! Likewise the gadgets, there are a lot of fitness tracking apps available in the App/Play Store and it can be a tough job to select a good one. Well, here we have the MapMyRun App which, as the name says, tracks your running. One of the advantages of using a smartphone app for this purpose is that, you don’t have to carry diferent gadgets for listening music while running, calling anyone and tracking your run.

MapMyRun App!

With the MapMyRun App, you can easily track your running, your pace, distance travelled etc. The app works great and provides accurate details. So, you don’t have to use your device’s GPS for this purpose. One good thing about this app is that, it can also give information and quick time statistics just by voice prompts. This helps the user to keep running and also getting to know the milestone he has just hit. So, you don’t have to take out your phone everytime from your pocket to know the details of your running. 😀

Suppose you have set the milestone at 2KM. So, when you will complete this particuar distance the app will tell you the same via voice prompt. The app uses an On Screen Route tracker which in fact uses Google Maps and hence makes everything easy. Al routes, distances, elevations etc are shown via the Route Tracker which is of course a good thing! You don’t need to keep this app open as you can run it in background and listen to some music via music player.

With the MapMyRun App, you can easily share your statistics to social media. The app provides easy way to share to Facebook, Twitter or any other soical media network. Now, just this about a situation. Suppose you are running and the app is tracking your run. Then suddenly you get a call. Obviously you will have to stop for taking the call. So, what about the tracking? The app comes handy here also as it will automatically pause when you will get a call. So, the period of break when you took that call will not be recorded by the app. This helps to get accurate stats of your whole run!

Run & Win!

MakeMyRun App also comes with interesting contests and if you complete any specific challenge before the given time, you stand a chance to win interesting prizes like an iPad or any other stuff! This helps a lot in running because the user will be motivated to run more and more.

Final Words!

Coming to an improtant question now. The Price! Well, the app is available for free but the free version comes with ads. But, keep in mind that these ads remain at the bottom of the screen and won’t interfere with the tracking. But, in some cases you may also come across some popups that are obviously not bearable. So, the MapMyRun ‘Plus’ comes to rescue! For $2.99 you can get rid of all the annoying ads that you get in the free version. In case you want more advance features like advance map features, heart rate analysis, leaderboard filters etc. then this app offers the same by monthly subscription plan for $5.99.

Anyways, the MapMyRun App is available for iOS, Balckberry, Android and Windows Phone. So, whatever OS you are using, you can use the MapMyRun app. Well, what you think? Wanna give a try ?
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