Top 5 Best Exercise Apps

Exercise is the most important part of the life if you want to stay in shape, then exercise or workout is the best activity to do in free time.  Everyone knows that Android is the most popular operating system, and 68% of the mobile devices used by users is Android so you can think how big is the market.  Also, the play store market of the Android is also big finding the best app for your need is the difficult task for the users. Well, you don’t need to worry if you are searching for best exercise app because here we listed top 5 apps related to exercise and workout.

If you want to try exercise app then adding a few more apps to your help won’t hurt you.

  1. 7 minutes workout: This app ensures you to do best possible exercise you can do within 7 minutes of your spare time.

    7 minute workout - Best Exercise apps

    Best Exercise apps

While using most of the app if we do not do any activity on the phone screen for some time then the screen will be off after some time, but this app ensures not to turn off the screen while using 7 minutes workout app.  You can check your workout log within the app. Design and user interface of the app is also user-friendly means any non-techy person can use this app.

You can download 7 minutes workout app from the play store market free of cost.


  1. Fitness trainer Fitprosport: this app also becomes handy when you daily go to the gym and needs a personal trainer for yourself, yes this app acts as a personal trainer.Fitness trainer Fitprosport

Over 300+ workout exercises are given in the app, and all the exercise is separated by their categories or in different body parts for example chest workout and back workout has a different section in the app. Pre-built workout routine plans are also added in the app which you can follow as per your need and get a perfect result for yourself. You can customize that pre-built workout routine without any problem. The best part is that all the exercise given the app has a proper image and proper description.

You can download fitness trainer fit pro sport app free of cost from the Android play store market.


  1. 30 Day Fit Challenges Workout: This is the ultimate workout challenge app by which you can challenge yourself for 30 days workout which helps you to gain some muscle mass and to stay in shape.30 Day Fit Challenges Workout

In the app, there are total 24 exercises which you have to do daily for 30 days which ensures you that it will surely help you in building muscle. This exercise app is best and popular app in the exercise and workout category of play store market.

If you want to try this app, then you can download and install 30-day fit challenges workout app free of cost from the play store market.


  1.  10 Daily Exercises: as the app name clearly shows that in this app there are only ten daily exercises which will train you to the best.10 Daily Exercises

These exercises are chosen by the workout experts and trainers. You don’t need any equipment to do these exercises.  These are a simple exercise which you can do without going to any gym means at home. You just need to set a reminder for exercises and this app will help you to remind exercise time. These exercises benefit the all body part of the user.

If you want to try this app, then you can download ten daily exercises app from the android play store market free of cost.

Conclusion: so, these are the some of the best exercise app which you can try. According to us, the best exercise app is 30-day fit challenges workout. Reasons to choose this app as best is that you can get your expected result within 30 days with the help of this app. This app has 24 best exercise which you need to perform daily for 30 days to get the desired result. We are not saying that other apps are not good if they are in the list then already stand out of the crowd of thousands of apps, you can give a try to other app and comment below which app you liked the most.

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