Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps : Smartphones are becoming more and more smart but still they cannot take the place of Watches in our life. More and more people are using smartphones but still the feeling of having a watch is really amazing. But, as the smartphones are becoming more smarter, why not watches should become smart? The companies seem to feel the same and hence those simple watches have now become smartwatches with some amazing features that were impossible to imagine some years ago.

Heart Rate Monitor Apps . Well, hearing this thing which gives us a sudden thought of a Doctor with his famous ‘Stethoscope’. But, what if I tell you that your watch can do the same thing! Yes, as mentioned before, the watches have gone more smarter and now different companies are adding the Heart Rate Monitoring feature in their watches which is, undoubtedly exceptional.

So, now you must be thinking- WHAT IS THE USE OF THESE WATCHES? Well, a normal person might not think that these are important but of you’re an athelete then you know how important and useful these are. You can check real time stats of your heart rate and all these are very accurate. So, if you ever want to get one for you, then you have to go through hundreds and thousands of such watches to get best one for you. ( Some of them being useless!) Well, don’t worry as here we are with the list of TOP 5 Best Heart Rate Monitoring Watches for you. Let’s get started with the list.

TOP 5 BEST Heart Rate Monitor Apps and Watches –


A very popular name in making smart watches is TomTom. The company is very popular especially for its tracking related gadgets. And well, the ‘Spark’ is one of them. The watch comes with some amazing features. The watch comes with an integrated music player which is great if you want to listen to music while training and exercise

The watch comes with 3GB of storage and also the heart rate sensor is built in in the watch so you won’t have to care about strap for HR sensor. The watch also has GPS and activity tracking tools which makes it an all-rounder fitness gadget. Lastly, coming to the pricing, you will have to pay $200 for the TomTom Spark. You can get it on Amazon


One thing is true for this thing – BEAUTY! This watch has a lot of amazing features but this is damn beautiful. The watch too, has its own HR sensor built in. Also, it is fully water resistant and the design is really great. The watch comes with useful Garmin Connect Software also!

But, if you’re a runner them this watch will not actually be that much useful because it cannot produce so accurate stats on fast runs but yes, it gives really accurate HR stats on rest or if you’re walking. The watch is not so much cheap and you have to pay $299 for it.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps


Fitbit is really a much known name in the world of tracking accessories and the Fitbit Surge is really a good choice! The watch features an optical heart rate monitoring sensor . Also, there is a unique PurePulse technology in this smartwatch that uses the data of every single second to give you most accurate results. With the data, it will also show you the amount of calories burnt by you

But, the price is something where this watch fails to attract users. Fitbit Surge is available for about $249 on Amazon and the price is really high seeing the features and also the other such smartwatches. Anyways, the watch is sleek and looks good. Fitbit is really a big name in the smartwatches world and you can go for it

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps

  1. MIO ALPHA 2 –

If you don’t know, Mio Alpha was the world’s first watch with the Heart Rate Monitoring technology and it really started a new generation of smartwatches.  The Alpha 2, as the name suggests, is an upgraded version of the Alpha with some more enhanced features. The watch looks like a sports watch and so it is really a versatile watch to wear.

The heart rate zones can be easily configured using the LED flashlight and the app can be easily used with other fitness apps which is really a very good thing. The price is really competitive at $199 as it clashes with the TomTom Spark! But, if you have to choose between the TomTom Spark and Alpha 2 then we will recommend to blindly go with the TomTom Spark.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps


As we previously mentioned, Fitbit is really a big brand and well it is able to make it into this list with its two gadgets. The Fitbit Blaze is also a much popular HRM Smartwatch which helps you track your daily activities , calories burnt and also distance travelled. The Heart Rate Monitor works pretty well and also you can easily change the heart rate zones. The Fitbit Blaze is priced at about $190 which is pretty good price.

So, these were the Best Heart Rate Monitoring Watches. If you think we missed any other watch in this list then do share that stuff in the comments section