Mobile apps for running keep up with the needs of various fitness enthusiasts from those who enjoy jogging once in a while to those who train professionally. To choose among all the solutions can be too much of a hurdle. We’ll briefly describe the best running apps for Android and iOS, suitable for all.

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While fitness app development generally prioritizes performance tracking, it’s crucial to analyse health parameters during running. Look for heart rate sensor integration while choosing a running app. 


Some of the best fitness plan apps which provide numerous types of exercises also offer running plans. As for the programs dedicated specifically to running, some of them combine training with diet plans or other health recommendations. Weight loss is massively attributed to fitness apps, and such popularity of the best running apps for weight loss shows a strong correlation between fitness activity and body transformation goals.


The Most Popular Apps for Running

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Runtastic has a record number of over 80 million users and offers a variety of training plans for runners together with diet plans. Runners track their average pace, duration, and distance. Users can share their progress and participate in running challenges with friends. Personalised service costs from $4.99 per month.


Runkeeper is another massively popular running app with more than 50 million active users. Via the app, people set their fitness goals and get running recommendations based on their schedules and level. For $7.5 per month, users get more customised features.


MapMyRun is a running app created under the brand of MapMyFitness. It builds routes for running and tracks users’ performance. MapMyRun’s heart rate training option allows for real-time feedback for runners to stay in the optimal training zone. The ad-free version costs $5.99 per month.


Strava is among the best fitness tracking apps for Apple Watch and other wearables. It tracks and analyses various fitness activities including running, climbing, and cycling. The app features a whole system of trophies and challenges, motivating users to compare their results and compete with each other. 


Nike+ Run Club is a fitness app with a simple interface which keeps track of the distance, pace, and heart rate. Users can listen to music while running thanks to streaming services integration, or they can enjoy guided runs with motivational voiceovers. Nike+ Run Club is often used for marathon training. 


Zombies, Run! is an unusual app in this list. Its game-like nature and captivating stories behind training sessions make it one of the best fitness motivation apps which encourages people to move more. Zombies, Run! is an exergame that combines training with fun. The power of storytelling it represents is enjoyed by both adults and kids. 


Some applications are focused not on running itself but on bigger purposes that can stand behind fitness activity. For example, Charity Miles gives money to charities out of each successful session. Sponsors support the app and receive advertising in return, while users have to choose the charity and simply run to make a donation.


All running apps we’ve mentioned try to maintain the balance between being fun and keeping it healthy. For any program designed to encourage people to exercise, it’s crucial to be backed by science and provide a high level of customisation.